52 Lessons in 52 Weeks

It’s okay to cry.

Writing is cheap therapy.

Be there for the people you love.

Don’t be so afraid to put the “I” in front of “love you.”

“No” is a complete sentence.

You have nothing to prove.

If you apply for a job against your better judgment and your first reaction is to worry yourself into a fever & upset stomach, chances are, this is not the job for you.

No matter how hard you try to ignore something, it will not go away.

Keeping up with politics does not have to be scary or overwhelming (c.f. NPR Politics Podcast).

Parks & Recreation is the pinnacle of American television.

Liz Gilbert is amazing.

Twenty-two years is way too long to go without knowing about Saturday Night Live.

Never apologize for loving the Ghostbusters reboot.

It’s the second Bald Knob exit, not the first one, you dummy.

People who spend three hours talking to you aren’t just being nice. They love you. Stop selling yourself short.

Voting is more exciting when you know what you’re voting about.

Donald Trump has no business determining your mental health.

Sometimes a broken heart is more effective than an angry one.

Suicide is not the answer.

Know when to ask for help.

The temperature gauge in a car in very important and you should absolutely pull over if it’s red.

Annie Dillard will always make you cry.

Watching five hours of Kate McKinnon interviews is not only accepted but encouraged.

However, moderation makes everything taste better, and hangovers of every kind suck.

Watching an R-rated comedy with a bunch of senior citizens is a great way to spend your day.

Clean sheets, Vitamin D, and spontaneous one-woman dance parties do wonders for your mental health.

“RSVP” is French and stands for répondez s’il vous plaît.

An easy way to get ripped is by lifting weights while watching Netflix.

If something is hard to do, chances are it’s worth pursuing.

But seriously, if you don’t feel like running, just walk. It’s fine.

The New Yorker is worth the subscription price.

Cold calls will not kill you.

Running yourself ragged is neither noble nor romantic, and if you do it too many times, you’ll hit your introvert wall and melt down in public.

Touch starvation is a real thing and should be avoided with a regimen of weekly hugs & shoulder bumps (thanks Laura!)

When in doubt, wear flannel.


No one cares if you watch Mona Lisa Smile every Friday for a month.

No matter how much you love Sarah Paulson, American Horror Story is too much for you.

Sometimes you read a book too soon, but that’s okay; you’ll find it again when you’re ready.

Letters are the best gifts.

If someone says “I love you,” believe them.

Be brave, be vulnerable, be extravagant with your love.

But you never have to share part of yourself that isn’t ready to be shared.

If you really need to hear someone’s voice, you’re not a clingy maniac. It’s okay to call — they probably miss you, too.

Your professors have your back.

Your professors have your back.

Your professors have your back.

Make the leap, even though it scares you.

Listen to your gut.

Love yourself.

Accept yourself.

Grace upon grace upon grace.

we did it

Thank you to everyone who helped me through this year. I couldn’t have done it without you.



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