A Life of One’s Own

A list of things I have accomplished in 7 short days:

  • Moved myself from Memphis → Arkansas
  • Signed my first lease
  • Paid the rent
  • Learned how to trap fruit flies
  • Made bookends out of Christmas lights
  • Decorated my new room
  • Showered in my own bathroom (!!)
  • Befriended my roommate’s cat
  • Used the prongs of my phone charger to pull nails out of the wall
  • Turned a tape dispenser into a makeshift hammer
  • Made a dresser out of cardboard boxes
  • Used a butter knife as a screwdriver
  • Figured out where the grocery stores & gas stations are
  • Applied for 3 jobs
  • Budgeted
  • Prepared 21 meals for $17
  • Began to unfold myself into a new and lovely life

I wanted to publish a proper post, but after an hour of struggling to write, I realized I’m not ready to share my experiences yet. My heart is too tender, my thoughts too new — I’m settling into myself and I want to take this time to pay attention. So this is just to say: I’m here, I made it, I am loving my new life. Continued thanks for your thoughts & prayers.



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